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Question   sanibelwild.com
Wow Kyle,
The photos are fantastic. Look forward to talking to you about your hobby.
The Fyfes

- Maureen Grace December 21, 2011

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Question   Love your work!
Some of this photos brought tears to me eyes. Thankyou so much for sharing.

- Karen Nash October 27, 2011

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Question   Beautiful
Thank you for the beautiful pictures. We have been to Sanibel and your pictures bring back wonderful memories.

- Mary Connors June 02, 2011

  Answer Glad you enjoyed them. Feel free to pick one out for us to send to you in a large canvas print to hanf in your home to see every day:)

- Rick Zurbriggen  June 02, 2011

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Question   Kyle's pictures
Kyle you're becoming a very good photographer. I couldn't decide which was my favorite, but I liked the Little Blue Heron that had the ripples in the water below his head like he had just caught a fish.

- Mamaw Zurbriggen April 11, 2011

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Question   Love your website!
What a great website! So glad you formed it so that others can see these amazing photographs! you really have an eye! you capture the beauty of Sanibel so well! I look forward to getting a piece of my own - an original R.Z! Way to go!

- Marion Hauser January 10, 2011

  Answer Thank you Marion! I have a nice canvas wrap ready for your office. Just pick out your favorite and hit buy now:)

- RIck Zurbriggen  January 11, 2011

  Answer No space in the office, but definitely the house! I am going to hit buy now, for sure! Just have to first figure out where it's going to go and what size I need! :) Can't wait to get it! I have my eye on those spoon bills!

- Marion Hauser  January 14, 2011

  Answer I love the spoonbills too. They have a great look and beautiful color. Let me know if I can help.

- Rick Zurbriggen  January 14, 2011

  Answer Well, we have four pieces hanging in the house now and they look fabulous! Looks like you are in Ding Darling - the pictures are so alive! Of course, we just had to have some of those alligator pictures, so we just ordered those too! Thank you so much! just LOVE them!

- Marion Hauser  April 13, 2011

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Question   The talent shown in these photos.
I had the privilege of receiving a canvas print of one of Rick's brown pelican photos last Christmas, any of his pictures would make a great addition to anyones home. This Christmas he gave us a book filled with most of these pictures on his web site, we were so honored to receive a gift we'll treasure forever. His talent is never ending.

- Carolyn Zurbriggen January 10, 2011

  Answer Thanks Mom! You are a sweetheart!

- Rick Zurbriggen  January 11, 2011

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Question   White Pelicans
What month do the White pelicans arrive?

- Evette Zurbriggen January 04, 2011

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